Diatchenko, Filipp80cm x 100cmVuosi: 2018Tekniikka: Öljy ja hiili kankaalle.


Born in USSR, Leningrad, Filipp has lived most of his life in Finland.

He has studied throughout Finland, completing his Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts at Saimaa’s University of Applied Sciences in 2019.

Foremost of Filipp’s work is in making paintings, mixing draftsmanship and oil painting as his primary way to express himself.

He upholds strong attachment to Russian, traditional figurative art while maintaining western, more contemporary approach to his work. In a nutshell, Filipp navigates on two levels, creating something entirely new.

Right now, Filipp is working on his solo exhibition which is set to be at the end of November, at Galleria Uusikuva.