Life, Love, Loss no. 4


Kachlíková, Barbora70cm x 65cmKehysten kanssa: 72cm x 67cmVuosi: 2021Tekniikka: öljy kankaalle, natural puukehykset


My name is Barbora Kachlíková. I am a Czech visual artist living and working in a small Finnish village called Ratula in Kymenlaakso. My neighbourhood became an inspiration for my latest work reflecting machines and trashy stuff in our garden.

Since 2010, I've consistently worked in my art practice with themes of cultural diversity, cosmopolitan society, lifestyle and human values. My favourite medium is painting. When I paint, I have to be bonded with the place I live. It's not possible to separate art and life. I need to experience the place to transform it into paintings. Through painting I build togetherness, bringing it and sharing it with the audience.