Deep With


Penni Vasama* Taiteilija on ALV-velvollinen75cm x 55cmKehysten kanssa: 85cm x 65cmVuosi: 2022Tekniikka: Jauhettu saunahiili, tuhka, gelatiini, spraymaali, grafiitti, paperi


Penni Vasama (Her), born in Helsinki, Finland, lives and works also in Paris, France. Vasama’s abstract, expressive, often heavily textured mixed medium paintings have been presented in Finland, Switzerland, and France, and are included in private collections across Europe and UK. Vasama has a Master’s degree in Fine Arts (UCA, UK), and a Bachelor's degree in Theoretical Philosophy (Helsinki University, Finland).

A former pro-snowboarder and a film director, Vasama has a background as an affiliate in experimental, extreme sports journalism and the emblematic, gonzo-esque snowboarding/free skiing documentary films of the millennium golden era.