Fanny Tavastila* Taiteilija on ALV-velvollinen16cm x 13cmKehysten kanssa: 30cm x 25cmVuosi: 2020Tekniikka: etsaus, kultakehykset, vihreä paspis, UV-lasi


Fanny Tavastila is a Helsinki-based visual artist working with painting, drawing, serigraphy, etching and installation. In her works, she draws inspiration from music and literature, exploring contrasts both technically as well as thematically, making room for sorrow, joy, curiousness, melancholy, memories and dreams to coexist in her works. She is actively exhibiting both in Finland and internationally.

In addition to her own artistic work, Fanny Tavastila has developed the RUNO Biannual Exhibition programme for RUNO Hotel Porvoo in 2021 and is curating the continuous exhibitions at the hotel.